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Robot Attitude is a creative and useful mix about robots and AI and how they will affect every aspect of our daily lives and of organizations of every kind. The Attitude Robots are Jason Willett, Andrew Barranca, and Benb Gallaher. Track 11 is "Not Even One." Reply Helpful. As social robots become more common, there is a need to understand how people perceive and interact with such technology. The present study investi- gated whether individual differences in the attitude toward robots can predict hu- man behavior in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). Attitudes towards robots assisting at work showed the strongest negative trend. • Women with lower education evaluated robots more negatively. The Negative Attitudes toward Robots Scale (NARS) is a fourteen item survey used to measure changes in attitude towards robots over a prolonged interaction [17]. A questionnaire was presented to Dutch, Chinese and Japanese participants based on the Negative Attitude towards Robots Scale (NARS). Against our expectation. Explicit attitudes were measured using the Negative Attitudes towards Robots Scale (NARS) (Nomura et al., ) which has been used extensively. (, , , ): the Negative Attitude toward Robots Scale NARS has been developed for measuring humans' attitudes toward robots in. There is also the Robot Perception Scale [14], which consists of two subscales (general attitudes toward robots and attitudes toward human-robot.