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Seakeeping ability or seaworthiness is a measure of how well-suited a watercraft is to conditions when underway. A ship or boat which has good seakeeping ability is said to be very seaworthy and is able to operate effectively even in high sea. Seaworthy definition is - fit or safe for a sea voyage. How to use seaworthy in a sentence. If a ship is reasonably seaworthy, then whatever its design it is certified. From the. Hansard archive. Seaworthy definition, constructed, outfitted, manned, and in all respects fitted for a voyage at sea. See more. Seaworthy definition: A ship or boat which is seaworthy is fit to travel at sea. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Seaworthy — Sea wor thy, a. Fit for a voyage; worthy of being trusted to transport a cargo with safety; as, a seaworthy ship. [ Webster] . When something is seaworthy, it's good enough, or worthy, to travel on the sea, even during stormy conditions. This word dates from the early 19th century. The. The Seaworthy is a Structure that connects the Surface World and the Shipwrecked world of the Constant, or as the structure itself refers to, the "Desolate. Seaworthiness is a concept that runs through maritime law in at least four contractual relationships. In a marine insurance voyage policy, the assured. Buy Seaworthy: A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.