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Experimental design is a concept. We propose, in this paper, an experimental concept in this context, together with a practical approach of the experiments, both in orbit and on the ground, with. Concepts of Experimental Design. 1. Introduction. An experiment is a process or study that results in the collection of data. The results of. Experimental research is a quantitative research method with a scientific approach, The classic experimental design definition is, “The methods used to. An experiment is a procedure carried out to support or refute a hypothesis. Experiments provide insight into cause-and-effect by demonstrating what outcome. About the same time, C. R. Rao introduced the concepts of orthogonal arrays as experimental designs. This concept played a central role in the development. Experimental researchers want to know how varying levels of treatment will effect what they are studying. As such, researchers often have an idea, or hypothesis. A definition of experiments An experiment involves the creation of a contrived situation in order that the researcher can manipulate one or more variables. The Biological Experimental Design Concept Inventory (BEDCI) is a carefully designed diagnostic tool. The process of development and. In the case of experimental data, information regarding the analytical objectives of the underlying scientific experiments and their statistical.